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Party planner secrets

Here are a few pointers that will make your event a great success!

Take the perspective of your guests. This will make your planning easier and ensure the best possible experience. Naturally, you want your guests to have a fantastic time and you want to relax and enjoy your own event. We all experience our environment differently. Imagine the perspective of your guests at they arrive at your event and though the progression of the event. Look at your own event as if you were a guest at your event and consider all of the different possible perspectives. Then just pay attention to simple, yet important details. Enjoy yourself as you plan the details.

Picture the environment as if you were a guest at your own event. Remember that from the moment your guests arrive until the time the moment they leave, you are creating a memory. Enhance the environment by adding subtle elements such as the scent of a very lightly fragranced candle, soft or appropriate lighting, music that sets the mood. Remember, all of these things can and should be adjusted in pace with your event and from room to room. Your key is that you are very subtly appealing to all of the senses to create lasting experiences and memories.

Ever have a busy day and rush out your door without having enough to eat? Assume that your guests may be hungry or thirsty and have something readily available to them from the moment they arrive. Every one of these concepts applies to every type of event, from the smallest children's birthday party to your most important client appreciation or hospitality event.

Lastly, bring in professionals and coordinate with them. When dealing with vendors, remember that the very best are truly artists. Remember, professionals know their business and you want the best they have to offer, so communicate your desires and then listen to their advice. Then let them do what they know best. Believe it or not, the people who make their business in the hospitality industry care as much about the success of your party as you.

Making lasting memories

You just read Party Planner Secrets and now you are beginning to understand...
  • You know that you want your event to be fun and memorable.
  • You really do want your guests to be pleased, entertained and amazed.
  • Wouldn't it be incredible if they tell everyone about the great time that they had at your party?
  • What if you can be absolutely sure that your party is the truly big event that is remembered forever!
  • You may be thinking, "how is that possible"?
  • Here is the good news - that part is actually really very easy - right now.

Just pick up the phone and call Magician and Mind Reader Steve Wallach!
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What matters the most?

With decades of performing experience, Steve has noticed one thing that will make or break any event. Things happen:
  • Steve performed on a Yacht in Florida - the power went out - no lights - no hot food... not quite Gilligan's Island but a potential failed event. The event was a success!

  • Steve entertained at a wedding and the caterer ran out of food.. think about it - a wedding and not enough food... The event was a success!

You may be asking yourself, "how is that possible" or "what will I do if that happens at my event"? The answer is very simple and very important.

Decide right now that no matter what happens you are going to simply "Just Have Fun". This is exactly what the hosts of the parties mentioned above did and it made all the difference. Your guests will follow your lead and your party will be a success even if lightning strikes the building. The answer to your question is YES, that happened too and the only one who was scared was actually... Steve.

Lastly, that is why you have decided to bring in a professional entertainer. Steve's business is to help you create lasting impressions and wonderful memories.

Ordinary vs Extraordinary

You want your guests to have a great time and tell everyone about your party. You deserve that after all that you have done to prepare. Are you ready?

Nice invitations, great food, great music. Now you have the beginning of a really good party but it still feels a bit too ordinary. You know that you want more. How can you make it extraordinary?

That is why you are here and that is why you really want Steve to entertain your guests. Now your party will have that extraordinary touch!

Your guests will be talking about your hospitality for years to come and that is exactly what you want. Don't decide yet, now it is time to watch the videos and read the testimonials and see the real life results that you can expect from Magician and Mind Reader Steve Wallach.

Tips for hiring a Magician

Your search for the perfect entertainer is what brought you to this website. We live in a modern online world and finding a Magician or Mentalist is now done primarily through the internet.

You want your entertainment to be of the highest quality possible and finding a Magician or Mind Reader through the internet may seem to you a bit like playing the lottery. Magicians don't tell their secrets, but this Magician is going to let you in on a very important secret! Many Magicians, Mentalists, and Mind Readers have begun to use agents to book shows. Many part-time "entertainers" or hobbyists have turned to Magic to supplement their income and even most professional Magicians have begun to use online agents. What this means to you is that when dealing with an online booking agency you just don't know what you are getting. You deserve better than "Pot Luck"!

My experience as a Magician and Mind Reader in working with agents has been that the agents are NOT "in most cases", interested in YOU. Sure, they will get you a Magician. There are many Magicians, but the agencies are clearly interested first in their personal profit margin.

If you hire a Magician through an agency you will very likely get a Magician who will perform for the lowest price (to the agency) and you will pay the highest price that the agency can charge you for your entertainment.

As you decide which Magician you want to entertain your guests - be sure to look closely at references, client lists and experience. The highest quality Magicians will require a deposit and a written agreement. This protects both you and the performer and is a very simple process.

If you decide to hire your Magician through an online internet "agency", you will be taking a chance as to whether you are getting a quality performance and very possibly whether your Magician will actually show up. You may possibly have recourse, but your party will not have the entertainment that you expected. Be sure that your entertainer provides you with an agreement and requires a deposit.

There still are some qualified offline agencies and your experience will vary. Regardless of that, you will still pay more money for less quality because you are paying an unnecessary fee to a broker. While I do work with online brokers and agencies, I always pay the fee for you.

As you think about this - you will find that it does make sense to hire your Magician for your event by coordinating directly with a professional who cares about the quality of your show and your goals. As you decide to hire directly - you will get the personalized attention that you deserve.

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